Sedation Dentistry in Orleans, Ontario

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist due to dental fear or phobia? If so, you're not alone since many patients have some form of dental fear. At Orleans Gardens Dental Centre, we are committed to giving our patients a comfortable and relaxing dental experience. That's why we offer sedation dentistry to so that you will remain comfortable and relaxed during your appointment. We offer a few types of sedation dentistry options which include:

General anaesthesia:

General anesthesia, or sleep dentistry, is extremely effective at eliminating pain and anxiety by putting the patient to sleep during their procedure. General anesthesia is ideal for people who are highly nervous or anxious or require multiple procedures during the same appointment.

Oral conscious sedation:

Oral conscious sedation, or sedation dentistry, is used to relieve a patient's fears and anxieties during their procedure. It involves ingesting and oral sedative, often in liquid form, about an hour before their apartment. By the time the patient arrives at the office, they'll be completely relaxed and calm for their procedure. We sometimes may add nitrous oxide to further increase the sedation effects for the patient.

Nitrous oxide:

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, quickly puts the patient in a euphoric and relaxed state. During this state, all pain and discomfort are drastically reduced which allows the dentist to safely perform the procedure. The gas is inhaled through a face mask which the patient breathe through. The dentist can monitor and control the amount of sedation that you receive so that you will remain safe and comfortable during the procedure.


Our dental team will help you to choose the right sedation option for you. Contact us in Orleans to speak with us today.