Emergency Dentist in Orleans - Orleans Gardens Dental Centre

It is our duty to take care of your oral well-being, even when you are not visiting us with an appointment.

We do our very best to go above and beyond in accommodating to the best of our abilities with the help of our Emergency Dentistry services. No matter what time it is, if you are having a dental emergency we urge you to call our office.

We understand the need to take care of dental troubles right away, that is why we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible when you experience any of the following problems

  • Lost Fillings.
  • Pain in Jaw.
  • Swollen Gums.
  • Detached Crown.
  • Loose Braces.

A dental ailment can be prevented from becoming a recurring problem if treatment is provided on time. Our Emergency Dentistry services are open for everyone, so please do not ignore a stiff jaw or an aching tooth and reach us at Orleans Gardens Dental Centre in Orleans, Ontario.

Dental Emergency in Orléans, ON.?

In case the need for emergency dental care arises, we are open Monday-Saturday and most evenings. Please feel free either to call us at (613) 834-6336, “Contact Us” page, or request an appointment, online. We will do our utmost to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

We are open Monday to Saturday and are open until 9pm on Mondays-Thursdays.

What Type of Dental Emergency Can We Help You With?
Below, we have outlined a bulleted-list of information to help your gauge the urgency of an array of different dental emergencies. If you're feeling any discomfort in your mouth, it's generally advisable to visit your dentist sooner, rather than later.

Continuous, bland tooth ache, lasting longer than 2 days | Orleans Gardens Dental Centre, Ottawa / Orléans, ON.

Urgency - Non-emergency, if the pain is not severe.

A toothache normally suggests that the root of a tooth is being aggravated Possibly due to infection. We suggest visiting a dentist in order to have it diagnosed as soon as possible, as if there is a dental cavity or underlying infection, symptoms could worsen before they get better.

Tooth sensitivity to heat | Orléans Gardens

Dental Centre – Ottawa Dentistry

Urgency - Potential Emergency

Heat sensitivity can suggest that a damaged tooth requires urgent intervention from a dentist since it is likely caused by an infection. If you notice swelling, pus, or a fever, contact us right away.

Tooth sensitivity to cold | Orleans Gardens Dental Centre, Ottawa

Seriousness - Non-emergency

A number of reasons can cause sensitive teeth, such as exposed dentin, overexposure to acidic foods, receding gums, and recent dental work. If it becomes persistent, contact your dentist.

Fractured tooth | Orleans Gardens Dental Centre, Ottawa

Urgency - Possible emergency

A cracked, or fractured tooth can range in severity based on the area affected and type of fracture. If the tooth pain is serious, it is highly important that you request an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

Swelling | Orleans Gardens Dental Centre, Ottawa

Urgency - Emergency

Swelling of the gums or cheeks can be a sign of an infection in your mouth. Other signs of infection may include redness and tenderness in the area. Pus may also be present. Hold a cold compress against the affected area and contact your Emergency Dentist In Orleans immediately to have it looked at.

Knocked out tooth / teeth | Orléans Gardens Dental Centre - Orleans, ON.

Urgency - Emergency

If your tooth gets knocked loose due to some type of collision, cover the area with a cold compress (wrapped in a clean towel) to slow down any bleeding. To increase the chances of saving the lost tooth, simply keep it in cold glass of milk or envelop it in a cold, damp cloth. It is imperative that you visit a dentist as promptly as possible.

Fracture to the face | Orleans Gardens Dental Centre, Orleans & Ottawa

Urgency - Emergency

A facial fracture occurs when trauma or any form of impact breaks bones in one's face. Apply direct pressure, preferably using an ice pack (wrapped in a towel) to any areas that bleed. Either call 911 for an ambulance or visit visit a nearby hospital for prompt medical care.

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